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Looking for biotech equipment? In our shop we sell all kinds of modern laboratory automation products. To ensure your forensic, pharmaceutical or biomolecular research will go smooth and fast we provide only the best biotech equipment out there. We include instruments from established suppliers like BiOptic, Dynamic Devices, TANBead, DeNovix, Bionex and more.

Select from our wide range of instruments. These systems are well calibrated and made for long lasting usage. GC Biotech makes sure you will only get the highest quality of products by selecting only the best companies as our suppliers. If you would like to read more in depth about each individual company, go visit our webshop and see what kind of biotech equipment we have to offer.

GC Biotech has everything you need

The wide range of laboratory systems for cancer research, genomics, agriculture biotechnology, drug discovery, stem cell research and more ensures GC Biotech has everything to offer that you need. So if you’re planning to do some vast epigenitics study and need the right biotechnological equipment to do it right, you will find what you need in our shop. We sell the best machines to check proper levels of wells and vials, you can find laser driven sealing devices, pipetting robots, high quality long lasting liquid handling platforms and the like. So if you’re about to do serious research on a topic, you’ll need some of our finest biotech equipment from our online shop.

Other products

High performance biotech devices are only one thing needed to do proper studies. That’s why GC Biotech company also sells many other products as well. From core reagents that discolour under certain circumstances, PCR kits to prepare samples for the Polymerase Chain Reaction, there are plenty of DNA/RNA isolation kits tot extract the desired genomic material. So if you want anything besides good biotech equipment you can find it in our webshop.